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On July 14, 2015, we will see the official end of support for Microsoft Server 2003, so the time has come to migrate to Server 2012.

If you are concerned about compliance, looking to keep your server secure after end of life, or you wish to modernize your server environment, then call us today at (602) 859-5535 for a risk-free Server 2003 Migration Analysis

Server 2003 Migration

Windows Server 2003 Migration

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    Look at this chart to see the vulnerability trends that exist in Server 2003.
    - CVE Details
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    Why Upgrade

    Watch this Slideshare presentation on the reasons Why to Upgrade to Server 2012.
    - Slideshare Presentation
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    For Business

    Businesses prepare as End-of-Life for Windows Server 2003 Nears.
    - BizTech Magazine
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    DHS Alert

    Homeland Security sends alert on Windows Server 2003 risks.
    - Wall Street Journal
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    XP Nightmare

    Home Depot and Target didn't upgrade Windows XP after End-of-Life
    - Network World
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    Top Five Risks

    Top Five Security Risks with Windows Server 2003 EOL
    - PC Connection